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Posted 12/09/2017

Hello and welcome to my blog. First, let me introduce myself and my company. My name is Mateusz, but you can call me Mat. I am a full stack software developer living in the UK. After a couple of years of employment, I decided to try something new, and to start my own business. I hope my blog will be interesting to you.

These are the main topics I plan to cover in the blog:

  • Ruby and JavaScript web development,
  • useful, but lesser known tools and programming languages,
  • intriguing issues in software architecture,
  • stories related to my current work for my clients,
  • more advanced topics related to programming languages and formal languages in general.

The topics will be thought-provoking for any software developer, especially the one who likes to go somewhat deeper into the theoretical part of what we are doing. If you have any good points to add, feel free to contact me throught the e-mail above. If you have an amazing project for me to work on, you can send me an e-mail, or call me. I am really excited about what is coming.